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Elastic Architects receives IDA 2022 award for Isla Brown Corinthia

Congratulations to Elastic Architects for receiving the International Design Awards 2022 in the Architecture - Hotels & Resorts Design category for the Isla Brown Corinthia hotel.


IDA Awards:

Elastic Architects:

Brown Hotels:

Pygmalion Karatzas Photography was commissioned by Elastic Architects and Brown Hotels during the June photo shoot. Full set of images can be viewed here:

The images submitted for the IDA competition were photographed by Erieta Attali during the autumn photo shoot and can be viewed here:

Elastic Architects with the Isla Brown Corinthia project were also among the finalists at the 100% Hotel Design Awards 2022. Submitted images were by Pygmalion Karatzas and Dimitris Spyrou:


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