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Self-isolation / Social distancing

On March 10 based in Milan, the epicentre of the pandemic in Italy, posted a note ‘Why we don’t write about COVID-19 coronavirus’: I include below some segments: “When the threat is so uncertain (and potentially far-reaching) the problem of communication right now is too much communication from everybody (medically not authoritative) … and too much media exposure, we know, can heighten one’s anxiety. The non-stop media cycle surrounding the outbreak, which all these articles are part of, doesn’t help with that. we decided to refrain from publishing these trending articles to not aliment the hysteria even more. We are worried about the human reaction to the virus in the weeks to come. As the coronavirus situation develops, we believe priority is to practice the important, very basic things that people can do to take back control, at least to the extent that we can, control our degree of vulnerability to this illness. those include self-isolating or ‘social distancing’, while our editors around the world embrace this approach, we will remain committed to bringing you the latest design news.” I agree with the above approach. Especially nowadays misinformation from people not medically authoritative can spread fast and do more harm than good. It is very easy to jump into conclusions on either extreme of the spectrum - panic and take hectic actions or feel reassured and don’t take this seriously enough.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Italy and every other country that has been hit hard by this pandemic, as well as to all the professionals whose job put them in harm's way daily dealing and helping with this crisis.

Be informed from official sources, follow the guidelines and regulations and stay safe!

I will continue to work from home as much as possible and keep the viewers of my website updated with my photographic activities. With the online technologies available to us nowadays, we can still do a lot from home.

There are many memes circulating the web these days relating to the Coronavirus pandemic. Some more serious to properly caution people, others with a lighter tone to psychologically alleviate the situation. The one I chose at the top of this blog was meant to put things into perspective with a bit of sarcasm because I am seeing many of my fellow country-men and women not taking this seriously enough. I will end the post with a lighter meme. As people from all creative fields know, we do spend a lot of time in isolation as this is the nature of the creative process. With a lot of mandatory free time, there are countless creative things to learn and do from home, which will definitely shift our energy to a more positive one.

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