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Exclusive interview with Brazilian photographer Maíra Acayaba

Our latest exclusive interview and featured profile with Brazilian photographer Maíra Acayaba on

"Maíra Acayaba is a prolific photographer living and working in São Paulo, Brazil. Her work focuses on architecture, cities and landscapes and is regularly featured in national and international magazines. Her images have also been published in books (Rough Style, Living in Style, Atlas of World Architecture of Braun). She collaborated with ETH Zurich to create an online guide of architecture in São Paulo –, and has participated in exhibitions, Biennale of São Paulo, and Netherlands Fotomuseum. In 2016, she launched the book ‘Bold and Bright: chic and exuberant interior inspiration from Brazil’ with her personal photographic study of Brazilian houses. Fascinated by the inherent silence in photography she works diligently to capture and convey the many aspects of architectural photography, from the concept and design elements to light and atmosphere, in order to present cohesive photo-essays."

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