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The circle of scholarships - Rezvan Foundation 2nd annual fundraising

The circle of scholarships is to give back to the communities that supported you to get one and to the people that helped you achieve it. In the spirit of Fulbright’s ‘Art supports Education’ program (…/fulbright-in-gr…/support-fulbright), eight works from ‘Integral Lens’ are donated to Rezvan Foundation 2nd annual fundraising in support of their scholarship program.

More info TBA…

My thanks to Elizabeth Naimi-Yazdi, Dr. Ehsan Rezvan, Marci Bracco and Mauricia for their support.

The eight images that will be on display in Monterey:

Bay Bridge Pillars, San Francisco

Charles River Esplanade, Boston

Maverick Landing, Boston

East River, New York

Aquatic Pier, San Francisco

DuSable Harbor, Chicago

Lower Manhattan, New York

Lo Presti Park, Boston

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