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Rezvan Foundation's 2nd annual fundraising gala

“The Rezvan Foundation for Excellence is a non-profit organization providing higher education scholarships to exceptional high school students. Established in 2016 by Dr. and Mrs. Ehsan Rezvan in memory of his late father, Dr. Ahmad Rezvan, the Foundation was formed based on the principle that all determined students deserve the opportunity to achieve success through the completion of higher education.

Thrust with the obligation of becoming "head of household" at age fourteen due to the sudden death of his father, the late Dr. Rezvan endeavored relentlessly to complete his education. With an unexpected loan from an Uncle and a dogged will of determination, Dr. Rezvan ultimately achieved his professional goal of service by becoming a doctor for all who needed care. It is in the honor of his compassionate spirit that The Rezvan Foundation for Excellence awards scholarships to exceptionally talented and dedicated students who lack the financial resources needed to continue their education.”

Rezvan's 2nd annual fundraising gala, February 2018

February 3, 2018 | Four Seasons Palo Alto, CA


Champagne Cocktail Hour + Silent Auction 6pm

Dinner + Live Auction 7:30

Live Entertainment till midnight


Start at $250 and we will sell out this year due to limited space.

For buying your ticket please visit: Rezvan Foundation Gala's website.

Pygmalion Karatzas Photography is collaborating with Rezvan Foundation on their 2nd annual fundraising gala with a donation of 10 limited edition prints. More information on how to participate in the event and support this scholarship awards, to be announced…

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