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'Oceanus' series receives honorable mention at the IPA 2017 awards

Delighted to receive the news from the International Photography Awards 2017. A selection of images from the 'OCEANUS' series received an honorable mention in the category of Editorial - photo essay and feature story. Congratulations to all the recipients!

This year, the IPA received 14,273 submissions from over 165 countries. You can view all the winning entries here:

I include the selected images below:

‘OCEANUS’ series is a selection of images from the marine geophysical surveying expedition in Anfeh Lebanon with the Laboratory of Marine Geology & Physical Oceanography from the University of Patras Greece in collaboration with the Department of Archaeology & Museology of the University of Balamand Lebanon. Adjusting and exploring this new subject matter was combined with my on-going integral approach to photography. The topographic-objective perspective was used to familiarise with the location and produce images that can be viewed with interest both by local people who know the area well, and by a broader audience who is outside the geo-archaeological field. The expressionist-subjective perspective was also included to add a feeling of timelessness, as these traces of civilisation extend through millennia. Their photographic treatment is intended to elevate them to pure existence, an on-site iconographic museum display.

This distinction is dedicated to prof. Giorgos Papatheodorou and his team, prof. Maria Geraga, Dimitris Christodoulou, Nikos Georgiou, Xenofontas Dimas, Maria Papakonstantinou, as well as our local contact archeologist Lucy Semaan. Their tireless dedication to their scientific field is exemplary and it was an honor for me to document their expedition.

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