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7 sharp-eyed architectural photographers featured in

Honored for the selection by ‘7 sharp-eyed architectural photographers’

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“More often than not it tends to be the work of the architectural photographers that shapes our view and opinions of a building. It lies on them to fill us with impressions and emotions and to animate the inanimate through the sheer power of their images.

For the latter part of the 20th century, it was the prerogative of the architectural photographer to illustrate the intentions of the architect. Now, however, it seems that the days where the architectural photographer has complete control of the way in which a building is represented have all but disappeared. As the digital media are flooded with amateur snapshots of most any building from every possible angle, it becomes ever-harder for for the traditional architectural photography to retain its authority and autonomy.

On the bright side, though, the widening of the field has – besides forcing most professional photographers to develop a unique style or choose a distinct niché – brought along some new and refreshing takes on the genre. From the photo-journalistic work of Michael Wolf and the more artistic approach by Pygmalion Karatzas or Andrew Prokos – to the breathtaking images taken during urban exploration by CphCph.”

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