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Our latest featured interview with fine art photography duet Jesús Marina Barba and Elena Morón Serna is online on

_Marina_Morón is the name of the creative collaboration between Jesús Marina Barba, professor at Granada University, and Elena Morón Serna, architect and researcher. Their work explores tangible connections between the image and architectonic space with an emphasis on the experiencial qualities of colour and the Japanese concept of 'Ma'.

They have written the books 'Sintagmas cromáticos', 'A_chroma', and 'Tras el muro blanco' and their work has been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Distinctions include international architecture and artistic awards. They have been directors of the following research projects: 'Time and colour' (2003-2006), 'Images of the past, history of the future' (2005-2007), and 'CO3 - Towards a new relationship between architecture and colour' (2009-2012). Their latest book 'K: emptiness' will be released in 2015.

In our work, we continue to believe that photography brings us outwards, but at the same time, it looks inward, to our way of viewing things. /_Marina_Morón

Full interview here.

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