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'Simulacra' series - 'Integral Lens' project

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‘Simulacra’ features interior and exterior spaces of art exhibitions and installations from American museums and galleries. As Jonathan Raban points out in the ‘Soft City’ “it seems to me that living in a city is an art, and we need the vocabulary of art, of style, to describe the peculiar relation between men and material that exists in the continual creative play of urban living”. Going all the way back to Plato, we have this representational view of art: the painting of a bed is a mimesis of a bed from the real world, which is itself a copy of the “Ideal Form” of a bed. Later theorists would upgrade this Platonic conception by maintaining that the true artist is actually copying the Ideal Form directly, seen with the mind’s eye, and thus is performing a perfectionistic artistry. By the late 19th century though, the term got an inferior association, characterising something without the substance or qualities of the original. In our contemporary culture we find two revisions: on the one hand the postmodern one which argues that the copy becomes truth in its own right (the hyperreal of Jean Baudrillard) or Gilles Deleuze’s challenge of the privileged position of the ideal and the replacement with systems of no prior identity; and on the other hand, the holistic and organic-tech approaches which revisit mimesis as a way to reconnect with Gaia, discover and explore the complex interconnections and ultimately move towards a sustainable stewardship.