"Art that opens a window to the world" by Sakis Ioannidis in Kathimerini newspaper

The benefits of the Fulbright Scholarships are multiple and unique to every one of us in a personal level, during the period of the program as well as afterwards. At the collective level, I find the title given by Sakis Ioannidis very fitting, as it is indeed "art that opens a window to the world". It is my privilege and honor to participate in the program 'Art supports Education', alongside people I greatly admire for the ethos and their work. My thanks to Mr. Ioannidis and Kathimerini newspaper for this article. http://www.kathimerini.gr/939907/gallery/politismos/eikastika/texnh-poy-anoigei-para8yra-ston-kosmo

Five prints find their new homes

It is always a pleasure to see my images printed and on display, be it for home interior decoration or for company office spaces. Two recent purchases were made from home owners for the former case, and one purchase was made in collaboration with graphic designers for the latter. Two images from the EXPO 2015 MILANO project - the China and UAE Pavilions, two images from the EMP Museum in Seattle, and one image from the AQAL Views series - East Rive, New York. Images from their settings will be added soon... My thanks to G Design Studio, Katharina and Antigoni for choosing my work. More selections can be viewed on the Fine Art Prints section of the website: http://www.pygmalionkaratzas.com/fi

Year 2017 in review

“Lend your ears to music, open your eyes to painting, and stop thinking. Just ask yourself whether the work has enabled you to ‘walk about’ into a hitherto unknown world. If the answer is yes, what more do you want?” - Wassily Kandinsky December is the month we review and reflect upon our work for the year coming to its end. Below I present the review of my photographic practice for the year 2017, along with some statistical comparisons from the previous years. Thinking back at this year’s endeavours, I am reminded of Forrest Gump’s narration of his journeys to his wife at her deathbed. The memories of bad situations, misfortunes, exhaustion, obstacles, limitations, frustrations, failures, a

Integral Lens featured in Lens Magazine The Big Black & White issue 2017

The Big Black & White Issue 2017 by Lens Magazine is out and I am honored to be selected with a 16 page feature of the Integral Lens project. Print and digital editions are available on Pocketmags: https://pocketmags.com/eu/lens-magazine# and other App Store Newsstands (Magcloud.com, Magzter.com, Kindle Amazon): http://lensmagazine.net The magazine will also be available in selected upcoming Art Shows - Spectrum Miami / Red Dot Miami, ArtExpo Las Vegas & New York, Art Santa Fe & San Diego - where visitors will get a full annual subscription. My thanks to Dafna Navarro and congrats to all the participating photographers! http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1391134

On assignment - Location scouting for forms and light

Preview image from the photo shoot of the day in Athens during the location scouting of contemporary design architectural abstracts for a new collaboration with a graphic design team. More info from this project TBA. Image from One Kleomenous building in Kolonaki designed by Omniview.

Images from 'The Color of Grape' exhibition at Gerovassiliou Domaine

A first set of images from the exhibition 'The Color of Grape' came through. The Gerovassiliou Domaine in collaboration with Blind Pilots celebrated the European Day of Wine Tourism with a show and invited 27 photographers to exhibit images around the theme of grapes. I participated with an image from the recently photographed 'Cycladic house in vineyard' in Paros Island designed by architect Nikolas Kouretas. The image also received an honorable mention at the Neutral Density Awards 2017 in the category of architecture. My thanks to Alexandros and Blind Pilots for the invitation and congratulations for organising such a beautiful event.

ND Awards 2017 and the 4 perspectives of architectural photography on Archisearch.gr

In collaboration with archisearch.gr, I have been curating the results of international photography competitions on architectural photography. You can view the previous articles here: http://www.pygmalionkaratzas.com/curations With this latest competition - Neutral Density Awards 2017 - along with the winning images, I include an extract from the article 'Integral Lens - exploring a multi-perspectival approach to architectural photography co-authored with prof. Mark DeKay to highlight the 4 perspectives in architectural photography using the integral theory of Ken Wilber. You can view the article here: https://www.archisearch.gr/photography/neutral-density-awards-2017-architectural-photograp

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