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Our latest featured interview with architectural photographer Shannon McGrath is online on Shannon McGrath has been photographing architecture and interior design works for 15 years. She is commissioned by pre-eminent architects and designers around Australia for her ability to get under the skin of a project, and not only capture its pure essence but also her client's formal design intent. Passionate and professional, Shannon's images are known for their beautiful portrayal of light and form, with a soft realism that celebrates the subject matter. Shannon's work appears regularly in publications as a regular contributor, and she travels extensively both nationally and overseas

Misty Landscapes exhibition at the Blank Wall Gallery

This exhibition, hosted by Blank Wall Gallery, presents seven international photographers with landscapes shot with the technique of long exposure. Photographs that create a dreemlike feeling. Time is clear and gives a very vivid effect on the final result of these photogrpahs, which could not have been achieved in any different way. This work presents a distorted reality, coming from low light conditions early in the morning or late in the evening. Silence and Loneliness are very much present in these photos. They speak separately to each viewer and by inviting them to empty their minds from every thought, they create a variety of emotions and reactions. Light and darkness, motion and shar

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