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Rhodes island, Greece
designed by MKV Design

Project ID:

Name:Mitsis Rodos Village Beach Hotel & Spa

Type: Hotels / Service industry / Tourism / Hospitality / Life-style / Renovation - Revamping / Interior Design / Branding

Location: Kiotari, Rhodes island, Greece

Client: Mitsis Hotels

Design: MKV Design

Team leaders: Maria Katsarou Vafiadis, Dominic Barber

Completion year: 2018 phase 1, 2019 phase 2

Communications director: Faye Leoussis

Models: Marios Lekkas & Lydia Aivali

Styling: Aggeliki Martseki & Stefanos Domanian

Hair & Make-up: Aleksandros Psarianos

Photography: Pygmalion Karatzas

Photo shoot date: July 2018 and June 2019

Project description:

Rodos Village Beach Hotel & Spa is situated on the south coast of Rhodes island in Greece, near Kiotari beach. Sprawling over a secluded setting with a unique architectural complex borrowing features from the ancient town of Rhodes and stands out with its impressive colour combinations, spaciousness and elegance. This 5-star hotel offers a total of 408 rooms and a wide range of all-inclusive restaurants and bars.MKV Design based in London and founded by Maria Katsarou Vafiadis, was commissioned the revamping and interior design of the hotel’s main building common areas. MKV Design’s overall vision is to create inspiring experiences and transformative spaces by going beyond trend, and designing original and timeless environments which spark all the senses. Materials, finish, texture and craftsmanship are explored deeper striking a balance between commercial demands and creative ambition. With their deep knowledge of the hospitality industry and a comprehensive approach from design brief advisory, concept design, space planning and program development, to installation supervision, site inspection, and close collaboration with the clients throughout, they deliver unique and tailored solutions on the aesthetic, practical, commercial and experiential level.The photo shoot was commissioned by Mitsis Hotels to portray the revamping of the interior and exterior spaces. They include: entrance lobby and foyer, reception, main restaurant ‘Lindos’, day and night bars, swimming pool terrace, spa, reading space, as well as the connecting areas, verandas and plaza of the ground floor of the main building.


Mitsis Hotels:

MKV Design



Kataskeves Ktirion GR

Divisare Atlas of Architecture

Image Copyright: Rights-Managed © Pygmalion Karatzas.

Image Licensing: High-resolution images are available for editorial and limited commercial use.
Edition Type: Open edition print.
Fine Art Prints: Images are available in gallery-quality fine art prints on various sizes, media and framing options.
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