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'Liminality' series - 'Integral Lens' project

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A companion to ‘AQAL Views’, the series continues the exploration of the edge conditions of coastlines in urban and suburban locations.
The title is a reference to the anthropological quality of ambiguity studied in rituals where participants are in a threshold consciousness state between their previous way of structuring identity and the new one that will emerge when the rite is complete. The long exposure technique incorporates the passage of time and suspends the ambiguity of our ephemeral interpretations. The minimalist and Zen-like aesthetic is meant to be the unifying underscore in the otherwise diverse exterior and interior conditions and subjects.
The series includes locations from Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles, and the Highway 1 coastline in California with landmark locations Big Sur, Monterey Bay, Pfeiffer beach, Morro Bay, Santa Barbara.


International Photography Awards 2018, honorable mention in the categories Fine Art / Landscape.

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