Fine art archival prints are available in both limited and open editions. 

Limited edition prints are produced in set print and edition sizes and are signed and numbered. They create additional value for collectors by ensuring a limited production over time. 

Open edition prints are not numbered or signed and are produced at various sizes at unlimited quantities. They are less expensive and offer more flexibility in terms of custom sizes and frames. 

Both editions are printed using exhibition-quality digital giclee prints.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my works, you can reach me through the contact form at the bottom of the website, or email me at to provide a description of the space they will be displayed and further discuss the available options that would best suit your requirements. 

Private display

Villa Porta Fortuna, Mexico

"Bay Bridge, San Francisco" from Integral Lens series

"Diakofto rocks panorama" from Anicca series

Private display

Fulbright Foundation Greece, Athens Greece

"Aquatic Bay, San Francisco" from Integral Lens series

"Lower Manhattan, New York" from Integral Lens series

Private display

Architects' residence, London UK

"QNCC archistract, Doha" from Morphogenesis series

"IHP archistract, Basel" from Morphogenesis series

"Vitrahaus archistract, Basel" from Morphogenesis series

Public display

Blind Pilots, Thessaloniki Greece

"Msheireb Enrichments Center, Doha" from Doha Icons series

Public display

Black Wall Gallery, Athens Greece

"Veil of fog, Valtournenche Italy" from Anicca series

"Couples, Varese Italy" from Anicca series

"Shining through, Patra Greece" from Anicca series

Public display / Fundraising auction

Spazio Cerere Gallery, Rome Italy

"Parco della Musica, Rome Italy" from Morphogenesis series

"Santo Volto di Gesu, Rome Italy" from Morphogenesis series

"Glass symphony, Rome Italy" from Morphogenesis series

"Weill Cornell, Doha Qatar" from Morphogenesis series

"Jubilee church, Rome Italy from Morphogenesis series

"MyZeil atrium, Frankfurt Germany" from Morphogenesis series

Private display

Vector Engineering offices, Athens Greece

"China Pavilion detail, Milan Italy" from EXPO 2015 MILANO series

"UAE Pavilion detail, Milan Italy" from EXPO 2015 MILANO series

Private display

Two residences in Athens Greece and Hamburg Germany

"EMP Museum detail I, Seattle USA"

from Nortigo series

"EMP Museum detail II, Seattle USA"

from Integral Lens series

"East River, New York"

from AQAL Views series

Public display / Fundraising auction

Monterey CA, USA & Palo Alto CA, USA

"Lower Manhattan, New York"

"Bay Bridge Pillars, San Francisco"

"Charles River Esplanade, Boston"

"Lo Presti Park, Boston"

"DuSable Harbor, Chicago"

"Aquatic Pier, San Francisco"

"Maverick Landing, Boston"

"East River, New York"

from AQAL Views series

Public display

Fethiye Mosque, Nafpaktos, Greece

"Pelades I", Mesolongi Lagoon, 2017

"Pelades II", Mesolongi Lagoon, 2017