Providing photographic services is not limited to private and public buildings for architects. Proficient photography is nowadays an integral part of all businesses; from cafes, restaurants, bars, and hotels to retail stores, shopping centers, offices, and trade shows; from apartments and houses converted to airbnb to corporate and industry facilities; from designer products to exhibitions, pavilions and service events; from construction sites and conferences, to destination and real estate agencies; from academic research and field studies to municipal campaigns and festival; from graphic and interior designers to print and web publications.  


Having a dedicated photographer to capture your space and functions, either indoors or outdoors, brings a fresh set of eyes to the process and delivers unique and memorable imagery. Working with a photographer to tell your stories, promotes your products and services with thoughtful and captivating visuals. The architectural eye is trained to compose frames with balance, presence, and excitement, combining material and emotional qualities to scenes that can either stand alone as single iconic moments or narrate a project through a series of images. 

In the sub-sections, you can explore examples of photo shoots thematically grouped.