'AQAL views II', Integral Lens project

‘AQAL Views’ is a series of urban waterscapes using the long exposure technique with neutral density filters. Blurred waterscapes and moving skies meet building silhouettes and auxiliary structures in a merging dance between the perpetual and the ephemeral. As the shutter takes more time to let light in the sensor, so the photographer takes more time to get absorbed by the scene, and invites the viewer to have a similar unifying visual experience. 

Having lived most of my life near the water, a deep connection with this element has been formed. Scenes that combine landscapes with waterscapes are dear to my heart in a primal level, which also explains my attraction to the minimalist long exposure imagery of photographers like Michael Kenna, early David Burdeny, and the plethora of other artists that comprise this expanding fine art genre following the lineage of Pictorialism. Arriving in places, the new and unfamiliar instinctively is counterbalanced by the familiarity of the waterfront. 

At the end, when we put aside all the analyses and pause from all the search, we find what they refer in Zen as “the beginner’s mind”, a fresh look as if we just witnessed the wonders of this world. When all is said and done, comes a peaceful feeling of completion and the shear joy of being. When we momentarily drop all we know and the anxiety of the unknown, we can rest in “one taste”, in the unifying consciousness that all are one, we are part of them and they are part of us. Perfection cannot be attained, but it can be noticed and felt. If we pay full attention to what seems flawed and ordinary, we will notice the perfection hiding beneath appearances. 

In the integral lexicon, ‘AQAL’ means an “all quadrant, all level matrix of reality”, and points to the cross-cultural fact that all humans have first-, second-, and third-person perspectives, and that all humans wake, dream, and sleep (a spectrum of consciousness from gross, to subtle, to causal states). We all live in “AQAL space” and such is our viewing.

You are not a drop in the ocean.

You are the entire ocean in a drop.”
– Rumi


Spider Black & White Awards 2017, Nomination, category Fine Art.
Trieste Photo Fringe exhibition 2017, selected.
Trieste Photo Days Book Award 2017, shortlisted.
URBAN Photo Awards 2017, dotART Trieste, Honorable Mention, category Projects & Portfolios.
Camerapixo Magazine, We Inspire vol.21 2017, Silver Photography Awards.
Dodho Magazine, Black & White Photographer of the Year 2017, Finalist.
Moscow International Foto Awards 2017, Honorable Mention, category Fine Art Book.
PX3 Paris Photography Prize 2017, 3rd place, category Fine Art Book.
Fine Art Photography Awards 2017, 2 Nominations, categories Fine Art and Cityscapes.
International Photography Awards 2016, 2 Honorable Mention, categories Fine Art and Architecture - Cityscapes.


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Integral Lens - Print edition

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