B&T apartment renovation at the historic center of Nafplio 

Nafplio, Greece

by architect Valia Foufa / 02 Architecture

The property is located near the central square in the old town of Nafplio and the old Parliament building. The passion of a Greek-Swiss family for Greece and its history persuaded them to purchase the apartment in a listed preserved building dating back to 1830-1890.

The aim of the renovation was the adjustment of space to the family’s needs without altering the building’s character and its interior spaces. 

Renovation work was carried out with minimal construction to the internal old wood structure walls, which required the new electrical installation to be exposed. The apartment’s original older elements, like the interior paneling doors with old hinges, the metal railings connected with rivets and the wooden ceilings, were preserved. The exterior framed windows were replaced with new ones made of double-glazed wood, and in the traditional design style to align with the standards of the old town of Nafplio. The wooden floor, which was replaced in 1980, was scrubbed, lacquered and preserved. 

The prevalence of the white paint on the walls and ceilings coupled with the minimalist, almost monochromatic, furniture choices were used as a means of highlighting the apartment’s architectural elements, such as high ceiling spaces, wooden floors and the interior arched openings. The gray curtain at the entrance dictates the visitor’s movement and visually isolates the dining area when desired. 

The absence of curtains (only rollers used for sun protection) reveals an extroverted mood that continuously highlights the location of the building in this historic background.

[text by the architect]


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